The Oneness Celebration
The new Tree of Life leads to an end to Dominance

Judging from the experiences people have had during the Oneness Celebration June 6-8 of this year it seems that an important transformation of the collective human consciousness has taken place. Many experienced a kind of euphoria immediately after the joint processes, while others seem to have been hit by some lighter forms of disease while returning to everyday life. Following the event, many have experienced a quickening of their spiritual process of evolution and some have found it difficult to integrate the rapid transformation of consciousness. As much now seems to happen in a day as would previously happen in a week and the cosmic energies and our experiences of life vary day by day. What is very clear is that since then many people have become more strongly connected with the cosmic flow of time. This has been expressed among other things as a more developed intuition or capacity for telepathic contact.

The mission to initiate the Oneness Celebration was given to me exactly 13 years ago, on July 3 1991 on Orcas Island in Northwestern United States, where I had been called to go seven years earlier. As it turned out, The Oneness Celebration evolved into a global process, that literally spanned from Vancouver to Vladivostok. Global spiritual celebrations have of course taken place before, for instance during the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17 1987 and the Harmonic Concordance of November 9, 2003. A significant difference is however that these previous manifestations were initiated in the West, in the US, and where the thrust of the participation was in the UK and the US. The Oneness Celebration, maybe for the first time, had a true and balanced global participation.

What is it then that makes us experience the changing energies of time so strongly at the present time? Well, actually they have been alternating at this rate ever since the First Mother planted the new World Tree, which we may also call the Tree of Life, on January 5, 1999. Already as this happened the Galactic Underworld was initiated. Yet, the Quetzalcoatl energy that was projected onto the Earth by the Sun at the Venus Transit of June 8 served as an activator that has strongly enhanced the experience of the rapid energy shifts in the cosmic plan as these are described by the Mayan calendar. Prior to this Transit the experience of the energies of time was not as strong and the shifts between uinals have become much more marked, at least for those whose life projects are aligned with the cosmic plan. The Oneness Celebration meant that the new World Tree has been rooted. This Tree of Life generates new and strong feminine energies in accordance with the time plan of the Mayan calendar and so the powers of the Goddess will increasingly manifest themselves in human life. These powers serve to balance the creation field that has been dominating on this planet ever since the First Father raised the old World Tree on June 17, 3115 BC.

It may then be time to take a look at this World Tree and how its balancing effects look in actuality. In the figure below, we may see how the World Tree raised by the First Father in 3115 BC created the polarity of the National Underworld that favored the Western hemisphere of the planet. Through holographic resonance this polarity then also favored the left halves of our brains and because of the unequal distribution of light between the two hemispheres (whether global or cerebral) a world of patriarchal dominance emerged. As a result of this polarized yin/yang field ruling the world organized warfare emerged as a means of establishing and securing dominance. As the energies shifted, especially according to the baktun shifts of the Mayan Long Count, the relationships between various powers, dynasties and nations would also periodically shift resulting in the process that we usually call human history. The point to realize here is that the very phenomena of patriarchal dominance and organized warfare came about as results of a shift in the consciousness field of the Earth that was established as the First Father raised the World Tree (often called the Tree of Knowledge because of its link to left brain thinking). The Biblical metaphor for this is that humans were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and as is often depicted in Medieval paintings, the Tree of Knowledge came to separate the primordial members of the two genders, Adam and Eve.

On January 5, 1999 a New World Tree was however raised by the First Mother. This Tree of Life created an inverse polarity, which favored the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half, in principle increasing the role of the intuitive powers of people all over the world, and maybe especially its women. Yet, as I had already predicted before the onset of this Galactic Underworld the raising of the Tree of Life led to a sharp increase in hostilities between East and West. These followed upon the most peaceful period in human history, 1992-1999 after the Cold War had come to an end. Why was it then that I was able to make such a prediction that we later saw manifested not only in a fairly persistent terrorism emanating from certain Muslim groups, but also in an ongoing warfare from the West, especially the UK and the US, in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as an intensification of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The principal reason is that also the New World Tree of the Galactic Underworld creates a dualist mentality. What is more, this particular dualist mentality threatens to generate a collapse of the patriarchal order that has ruled the world ever since the beginning of the National Underworld about 5100 years ago. It seems obvious that not everyone will be amused by such a collapse, and certainly not the patriarchal religions whose power have been based on the Tree of Knowledge dominating the National Underworld.

We should then note that as the two creation fields generated by the two different World Trees are superimposed on each other there are two possible outcomes in an individual in resonance with a unification of these two different fields. This is shown in the figure below where two different syntheses are shown both on a global and cerebral scale. What this means is that, as the yin/yang-polarity of the Galactic Underworld pulse by pulse is strengthened, a person in resonance with the two fields may choose to unify either with the yang (light) or yin (dark) aspects of the two creation fields, and this largely depends on the relationship he or she entertains with the Divine. It would be wrong to say that people now are being separated into the “good” and the “evil”, but clearly people will walk paths into the light or into the darkness as the Galactic Underworld progresses. It is undeniable that this rings a bell of the separation of people into two categories towards the end of time as has been prophesied especially by the monotheist religions. Yet, there is nothing to indicate that there would be any “chosen” ones. Humbleness and wisdom may be the most important determinants for what synthesis we are moving towards and it seems certain that those that chose the light will experience more hope and those that chose the darkness more of despair.

At the present time this has direct relevance for the situation in the world, since, regardless of whether a person is in resonance primarily with the synthesis of light or that of darkness the polarized consciousness that has dominated mankind ever since the beginning of the Mayan Long Count will now lose its role. Hence, the very phenomenon of dominance in human relations is in the process of coming to an end and this is today happening right in front of our eyes. If the polarized consciousness that has created dominance for so long is coming to an end, then this serves to explain the many expressions of violence that are now raging, especially in the areas where the patriarchal mentality has been ruling for the longest time.

Thus, this violence may be even further intensified in these areas, essentially stretching from Egypt to the Indus Valley, where the present expressions of this particular mentality are embodied by the religion of Islam. There, the endarkening consciousness to the right in the figure will serve to generate desperate acts of violence. Yet, this does not mean that a new system of dominance can be re-established, since we are entering a period where the polarized consciousness will have a less and less marked presence in the world. Suicide bombings never establish a system of dominance, only fear, despair and pain. Even if violent conflicts, warfare and acts of terrorism will continue and very likely increase over time, a world is now emerging where wars can no longer be won. This is because “winning” a war is a notion based on the polarized consciousness of the National Underworld, and neither the endarkened nor the enlightened synthesis in the figure below will be able to establish and sustain dominance. A polarized frame of consciousness was in other words a pre-requisite for being able to “win” a war.

That the possibility of winning a war is now truly coming to an end may not yet have dawned on the Pentagon or the general public either for that matter. After all, for millennia human history seems to have demonstrated that wars can be won and the relatively recent World War II presents a classical case of a war that was won. Iraq is however now turning into the first clear example of a war that will not be won. Rather, random acts of violence committed by people dominated by an endarkened frame of consciousness is becoming part of a permanent situation. Iraq, of course, is the region of the world that has for the longest time been dominated by a patriarchal consciousness and so it is not an accident that it is right there that the first obvious case of such a war is being played out. Because of the change in consciousness brought about by the Galactic Underworld, we may then expect that in the period ahead wars and violent conflicts will have no winners, only losers. As we go deeper into the consciousness of this Underworld we will find that other situations will go out of the hands of the rulers simply because the frame of consciousness that has previously nurtured dominance is now losing its grip. Looking at this from the perspective of the desire of the Western coalition to maintain its global dominance it seems obvious that a war that was initiated for false reasons, and which has produced some of the expressions of torture that the Saddam regime was branded for, can never really be “won”.

Moreover, if the consciousness of dominance is now receding we may expect chaos to take over also many other aspects of human life. For about 5000 years human societies have been based on hierarchies of dominance and this dominance has shaped also individual relationships on all levels. In the present situation, where dominance as such is receding, a natural first evolutionary phase is chaos, not only on a societal level, but also in personal relationships as we are looking for a basis of relating that is not based on dominance. The path from dominance to non-dominance in fact necessarily passes through chaos. Not the least among very spiritual people, that may be the most sensitive to the emergence of strengthened intuitive capabilities of the Galactic Underworld, we will see a lot of turmoil, separations and divorces as we all grapple with finding a new basis for relationships. And this basis could only be the basis of light shown to the left in the figure above. The only realistic thing is to expect that, especially now after the first Venus Transit, there will be no way of returning to the stable way things used to be, but rather to continue following the flow that leads us to a way of being in resonance with the consciousness of light. Because of the rapidly alternating energies of time, as those are described by the Mayan calendar, most of which I am not discussing here, this process will not possibly be linear. Thus, in this wave movement faith will be needed in a divine guidance leading to the end result of light.

Since the trunks of the World Trees of the respective Underworlds are delineating the chief yin/yang polarities of our planet, it becomes a factor of paramount importance for the continued spiritual evolution of the planet to know its exact location. From the work described in my books The Mayan Calendar and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness it is absolutely clear that the trunk of the World Tree stretches from somewhere in Central Africa through Central Europe. Yet, exactly where is not clear. In my books I have suggested a line through Rome and Copenhagen, but I am now, because of a number of experiences, inclined to place it somewhat East of that, in a line through Berlin and Malmö in Southern Sweden. This would at least explain the peculiar character of Sweden. This, on the one hand is the country in the world where the grip of organized religion and also the belief in God is the weakest. At the same time, it is one of the predominant countries of the world of today when it comes to unifying the spiritual traditions of the East and the West and in disseminating the spirituality of Oneness of the Galactic Underworld. What I am thinking about here is the instrumental role it has had in spreading the enlightenment processes of Kalki and Amma of the Golden Age Foundation in India. Also notable is the fact that, outside of Guatemala, Sweden is the only country where the true Mayan calendar is today regularly being published. These expressions were very evident during the Oneness Celebration and are direct expressions of the location of this country under the trunk of the World Tree. This location makes it a place where already at an early stage in the Galactic Underworld, it is relatively easy to unify the creation fields of the National and Galactic Underworlds.

Hence, the Oneness Celebration will be repeated in some form annually to serve people in resetting their focus on the enlightenment of themselves and the rest of humanity (see e.g. or The guiding beacon in the “future” will be the Venus Transit of June 6, 2012. During this second Venus Transit we will truly be able to manifest a Oneness Celebration as the cosmic plan towards Enlightenment will then have been completed. By comparison, the Oneness Celebration of 2004 rather served to set an intention for a state of consciousness that most of us have yet not attained. The Oneness Celebration at the Venus Transit of 2004 was thus only the beginning. Yet, the new Tree of Life has been rooted! It will now start to vibrate with a higher frequency and generate winds with an ever increasing strength. Given this high frequency of change life will no longer develop in a linear fashion. Yet, despite all the ups and downs generated in our lives by the Tree of Life raised by the First Mother a process is now under way that will lead to a more harmonious existence for those setting an aim at the synthesis of light, Enlightenment.