Living the Mayan Calendar

What does it mean to live the Mayan Calendar? Most people today would probably not think that they are living any calendar at all, because the knowledge about the energies inherent in time is not widespread. The nature of time and timekeeping is such a blind spot in the consciousness of modern people that most are hardly aware of living the Gregorian calendar. Unlike the ancient Native American peoples of Mexico and Guatemala we are for the most part not very concerned with calendars and tend to think that the choice of calendar is one of relatively little importance. And of course, with such an attitude there is an even greater risk that we are living a calendar that indoctrinates us with a very special worldview. The currently dominating Gregorian calendar indoctrinates us with a materialist worldview, one where matter is regarded as primary to consciousness. In fact, any calendar that celebrates a New Year on a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar is a calendar that subordinates us to a mechanical view of time. To change the New Year’s date does not change this. The problem is that when we have a fixed New Year’s date our lives will be synchronized with the mechanical movement of the Earth around the Sun, which is not the basis of th spiritual energies.

The alternative to synchronizing our lives with the mechanical movements of our solar system is to synchronize them with the divine plan, which could have very powerful and beneficial consequences not only for ourselves as individuals, but also for the future of humanity. The question then arises how this would be done. We must then first realize that throughout the ages calendars have not always been mechanical. It is clear for instance that in ancient times periods of 360 days were used in many different cultures for prophetic purposes and religious years. Such religious calendars had very different functions compared to the 365.25 agricultural year. The 360-day period is widely recognized as a prophetic year in the Bible and it is mentioned there as the time period that is governing the Apocalypse. In China, a 360-day religious year was followed in parallel with the 365-day year. The ancient Maya invariably based their prophecies on the 360-day period called a tun, despite the fact that their skills as astronomers had led them to determine the solar year with an unprecedented exactness to 365.2420 days. What this tells us is that the Maya actually choose to use the 360-day time period for prophetic purposes. The shaman-kings deliberately made the choice to synchronize their lives with this prophetic time period rather than with astronomical cycles. Yet, of course, in modern materialist times the 360-day period has all but disappeared from calendars in common use. For about 200 years people have not wanted to believe that they are part of a divine plan. The result has been that most people today are completely insensitive to the energies that drive our spiritual evolution as a species, energies that follow the tun rhythm. Even worse, we are no longer aware that we are living in the midst of a divine time plan, which implies a higher purpose for our lives. No wonder many people question the meaning of their lives.

Today, as the Mayan calendar is starting to reappear in more and more contexts what is reappearing is actually our awareness that we are participants in a divine time plan. This plan is, in a relatively short period of time (by October 28, 2011) going to be fulfilled. Despite the rule of materialist calendars for centuries, it is at the current time as if this awareness is forcing itself upon us through the speed-up of time. Since we experience the speed-up of time, we are increasingly becoming aware that there are spiritual changes driving the evolution forward and that these changes in the Earthly consciousness fields are not subordinated to the solar year, the lunar cycle or any other cycle of a physical nature. Through my research into the Mayan Calendar, I have come to the conclusion that our consciousness is now developing according to a tun period and that this is now, in the Galactic Underworld, the dominating rhythm of the divine plan. The shocking thing is that to most this divine plan is so little known. Those that become aware of this the most powerful wave movement of the Mayan Calendar at the present time, are actually presented with a choice as to whether they want to synchronize their lives with astronomical calendars or with the divine plan. The choice is if we want to align our individual paths with the divine plan or with a mechanical movement. This choice takes on a deeper meaning if we consider that in the Book of Revelation the 360-day period is described as the ruling time period (Revelation 11:2 and 12:3). This choice is really the same as whether we want to live our lives according to the watch or go with the flow. What calendar we chose to live by will have a great impact on our abilities to fulfil our individual purposes of life, and the Mayan calendar may aid us in this.

Thus, I feel time has now come for us to start living the Mayan calendar and not merely discuss its prophetic implications. It is time to start seeing our spiritual paths in the wider context of the divine plan. We must realize that the only reason that there are any individual paths to begin with is that we are living within an evolving divine creation, and that this is encoded in the Mayan calendar. As the energies shift in this larger plan, we will find that some paths for spiritual evolution will have the wind on our backs, whereas other paths, although they may previously have had a role to play in the bigger scheme for a while, may in a new consciousness field become obsolete. Those that merge their paths of evolution, as well as their great life projects, with the time plan of the Mayan calendar will soon get valuable information as to whether these paths are strengthened by the energies of the future or not. Thus, if we integrate the Mayan calendar in our lives we will enhance our understanding of what is “meant to happen” and what is “not meant to happen”. Thus, using the Mayan calendar has nothing to do with trying to impose a new clever calendar invented by human beings on the world. On the contrary, it is about making an already existing divine time plan conscious, and for this only the Sacred Calendar used by the Maya for millennia will work as a basis. It is about helping us remember what we on some level already know. That we are here for a reason and to contribute in our own ways, with our own particular talents and on our own particular paths, to the fulfillment of a higher divine purpose common to all of humanity.

In the Mayan view a new energy is being pulsed out by the core of the universe, what they called Hunab-Ku, every day and “living the Mayan calendar” is about being in resonance with these daily energies of time. Such resonance benefits each and every one of us, and we do not need any intermediary “gurus” for establishing direct contact to attain this guidance. Yet, the knowledge of the rhythms inherent in time, the rhythms of the divine archetypes emitted by the Hunab-Ku that influence our consciousness, need to be kept by daykeepers, who serve the larger community with their knowledge. Daykeepers are needed to keep and pass on the knowledge as to what point humanity collectively speaking has progressed in the divine plan. The commitment of daykeepers is also to healing and helping individuals align their lives with the divine plan based on their day-signs of birth. Their guidance will serve to give people hope for the future even in times that may be turbulent and today there is a great need in both Australia and New Zealand for daykeepers, people that are truly living the true Sacred Calendar that has been used by the Maya for millennia. Daykeepers may significantly contribute to an enlightened future for our planet.

As an example of such daykeeping two dates to pay particular attention to in the near future are those in the energy shift 13 Ahau/1 Imix, the Oneness Celebration/Midlight Meditation of June 1-2 2005. This is not only a peak energy in terms of the intensity of the new energies coming in from the core of the universe, but also the beginning of a new 260 day Sacred Calendar round. The energy 13 Ahau ruling the date June 1, is the very energy of Enlightenement that the universe will at a later point attain at all levels, and so I feel it may benefit everyone to taste it consciously. This is the continuation of the process started at the Oneness Celebration June 6 last year and is truly a day to experience resonance with the Hunab-Ku, the cosmic World Tree at the core of the Universe.

Carl Johan Calleman