Evolving Towards Enlightenment

• Human beings are Created Creators
Divine Creation can only follow its own Pace
The Future of Free Will
The Emerging Galactic Underworld and the IT Civilization
The Galactic Creation Cycle is the Apocalypse
The Elevation of the Human Consciousness by the Galactic Creation Cycle
generates potential Conflicts – The Case of the Middle East
The Mayan Calendar is the only Reliable Source of Information
about the Changing Energies of the Future
Human Consciousness is Expanding to Include the Galaxy
Creation is Accelerating
The Mayan Heavens and Underworlds shape the Human Vision of the Divine
Seeking the Truth and Practicing Kindness
The Return of Christ Consicousness, Quetzalcoatl and the Venus Passages
Integrating the World Tree
The Mayan Calendar will replace Babylonian Astrology
The Universal Creation Cycle
The End to Death

Human beings are Created Creators

As I mentioned earlier, the reason we live under the illusion that matter is the basic form of existence is that we cannot see our own consciousness - our consciousness is to us like what water is to the fish. Something similar is true also for the frequencies of the energy changes of divine creation and how these manifest in the cosmic cycles. Thus, we may be slaves under them because we are not aware of the roles they have in shaping our destinies. Since without interruption we have been listening to the frequencies of creation from the day we were born, they have become part of the reality that we take for granted. Since we have always been listening to this same cosmic symphony we may find it difficult to notice both its energies and its frequency shifts. But if we are aware of the tzolkin pattern we may learn to listen more closely for the high frequency energies and so be able to actually hear the cosmic symphony.

But why is it that we may eventually develop a resonance with the energies of the tzolkin? The reason is fundamentally that we ourselves have been created according to the same energy pattern and that so this has been laid down in our very bones. As I pointed out in Chapter 5 the human being itself is a reflection of the tzolkin and its vibrations. Very importantly we are in the womb for a period close to a tzolkin round. We can see the special relationship of the human being to the tzolkin in many different ways, and when the Maya named the twenty-day sequence of the glyphs a uinal - from uinic meaning human in the Mayan language - they seem to have expressed our vibrational relationship to the tzolkin. So tuning in to the energy cycles of the tzolkin by regularly following its days is a way of realizing our true nature as created co-creators in the divine process of creation. If the tzolkin is an overtone of the waves of cosmic creation we may vibrate in harmony with its energy pattern, since we ourselves have been created by the very same process of cosmic creation. No other being on this planet to the same extent reflects and expresses the frequencies of divine creation.

Since you yourself are created by the pattern of the tzolkin - the best conceivable template for creation designed by God - this also means that you are an aspect of God coming into existence. Since the purpose of creation seems to be to have human beings increasingly be in the image of God, through raising our frequency with every step of the cosmic pyramid, our real possibility seems to be that of consciously choosing to become part of this evolutionary process. And if every one of us represents the unfolding of a unique aspect of the divine plan there is further the possibility to live our own lives based on our unique guidance, resonance, intuition, creativity and choice, rather than on what is expected from us by society or by others. We have the choice to live a unique life based on the guidance we receive and the values we shape.

Divine Creation can only follow its own Pace

But in a certain sense we are really subordinated to the time schedule for evolution provided by the Mayan Calendar. Thus, this calendar does not only tell us that the Cosmos is going somewhere and that our frame of consciousness is being expanded. It also tells us that the cosmos has to go through a number of distinct stages and wave movements until the process is completed in the year 2011. Since there is nothing we as individuals can do in order to have the whole universe arrive at a paradisiacal state already tomorrow we are subordinated to the overall time schedule. And until the process is complete there will be ups and downs. Things need to be gradually prepared and made ready in accordance with the cosmic plan. There is no way any step in this can be jumped over, since the plan is perfect as it is and will not be altered. Yet, there will be challenges and dark times when we will need to keep the light present, and these may be the eras when we will need the calendar, and the understanding this brings, the most. Through the calendar we may learn to know where we are – like if we have a map of time to follow. But the large-scale plan has to work in a step-wise manner for the things to be prepared for what is coming, and so also our individual destinies have to be fulfilled step-by-step. The tzolkin may thus be a tool to help us align our own destinies with the large-scale processes of the cosmic plan, and adapt to the spiritual reality of this plan. Everything has its time, and we all have to pass through certain stages of evolution corresponding to the different time cycles.

The Universal and Individual Calendar Cycles interact so as to open Time Locks at the Right Moments. Because we can only evolve step-by-step there are also “time locks”. Time locks conceal aspects of our consciousness until a new cosmic pulse opens for them to be expressed and creates a new possible path in our life. If we did not have such time locks we would follow the divine impulses at too early a point and then only run into a thick wall. Thus, as much as we may learn from the Mayan calendar some parts of our destiny will remain hidden to us - locked up in a secret compartment of our being - until new time cycles trigger them to come into the open. In certain ways then we have to accept the existence of a pre-determined timing of the flow of cosmic energies, even if this sometimes may occur as a break on the flow of our own individual life or life in general. And if we must accept this, we may just as well get to know the flow of time and learn to go with it. The timing of the opening of such time locks is the results of the interactions between individual and cosmic cycles mentioned earlier.

The Future of Free Will

Seen in the context of the discussed flows of cosmic energies we may now need to reconsider the role of free will in our lives. Thus, even if we do have a certain space for exercising free will our environment is subject to the flow of energies of the cosmic plan. We have no say regarding the existence of the cosmic energies of time in the first place. Yet, the choices we make as to how to relate to these are not pre-determined, and the flow of time will continue to condition our thoughts and actions, even as those are the results of the free choices that we have made. Hence, we have at the same time both a destiny and a free will, and the two conditions one another and the future courses of our lives. In this light we are not complete victims of our destiny, but we are not all-powerful creators of them either. Our destinies are crafted in the interaction between the cosmic creation cycles and the individual cycles of personal evolution going back to birth.

Really what is emerging from the previous discussion of calendars is a choice and a possibility. The choice is whether to use the Mayan calendar in parallel with the Gregorian, a choice that amounts to recognizing the existence of a cosmic plan and a purpose of our lives as part of that plan. Alternatively, we may stick with the physical calendars and see the course of events more or less as a series of accidents that should be explained by or blamed on material factors. The choice of the Mayan calendar is not pre-determined. Yet, such a choice would in a sense be prompted by the flow of cosmic energies, since, as we are entering the Galactic Cycle, the frequency of creation is now increasing and this frequency increase in turn makes it more difficult to deny the existence of a cosmic plan. So even if you have a free choice this choice is conditioned by the cosmic plan - and the other way around.

The same may be true also on a larger global scale. Thus, how the Cosmic Plan manifests is also conditioned by the choices we, collectively speaking, make. Things are not pre-determined in detail, and it is not possible to say that things are exactly the way they are meant to be just because they have developed in phase with the energy waves of the Mayan calendar. What the cosmic plan does is that it inspires creativity with a certain rhythm that is consistent with a step-by-step widening of the human frame of consciousness. But the choices of the humans also determine the course of events and we may choose to express the creativity inspired in us in many different ways. Whether this world will end up in a paradise or in a catastrophe may thus not depend on the cosmic plan, but increasingly on ourselves and the choices we, little-by-little, make. European-Christian thought has always emphasized the free will of the individual, 1 (+ 12), while, the Westerners, the Maya, have emphasized the role of our inherent destinies and our participation in the cosmic web of creation (13). But maybe the truth is not either… or., but both… and...

So you may both want to get into the flow of universal creation and become the crafter of your own destiny. You may both want to become aware of where the cosmic flow of time is taking you as part of the human collective, and at the same time want to create the direction of your own life in the midst of this. It is a both… and… When it comes to the cosmic flow of time I feel that its most important aspect at the present moment is the tun-based evolution of the Galactic Creation Cycle, which very briefly is outlined in the next section. The tzolkin cycle, with its trecenas and uinals, is however a part of this ongoing creation cycle and so knowledge of the two cycles go together. In fact, the Galactic Creation Cycle is a reflection of the LIGHT pattern of the tzolkin.

The Emerging Galactic Underworld and the IT Civilization

"This cycle (of thirteen tun) will begin in 1999 and may have to do with the emergence of some kind of self-generating global computer intelligence. In the same way as the written language was used only by a small part of the human population 13 x 202 tun ago, and is only today something that the whole world is in possession of, we may assume that the possibility that will emerge in 1999 will make a start that is relatively little noticed and then rapidly spread across the planet to prepare for the end of the cycle in 2011."

Maya-hypotesen (Carl Johan Calleman, 1994)

We have now recently entered the Galactic Creation Cycle whose wave movement is more exactly and extensively discussed in The Mayan Calendar. In the First DAY of this cycle an awareness spread widely that humanity had entered a new civilization, a new economy, with a change whose scope could only be compared to that of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th century. The emergence of this new civilization was seen primarily as a result of the computerized IT revolution.

Such observations of a new civilization are very accurate, but what most people fail to realize is that the emergence of this was predictable from the Mayan calendar, and in fact had already been predicted. The Information Technology is as much a part of the cosmic plan as was once the invention of writing or the invention of the telegraph. The IT civilization has however been prepared for during the entire Fourth World of the Planetary Underworld that began in 1947, when also the first computers were invented.

Thus things do not appear out of nothing – they are prepared for by underlying Worlds. But in exactly the same way as the seeds of the industrial civilization were planted during the first katun, 1755-1775, of the Planetary Cycle, the first seeds of the new IT civilization came to be planted during the first tun of the Galactic Cycle (January 5, 1999 - December 30, 1999). The IT gurus are thus completely right in emphasizing how dramatic the changes taking place now are. The First Heaven in 1999 ruled by Xiuhtecutli, was only the very beginning and there is more to come. What seems absolutely clear is that this new frame of consciousness, and the technology associated with it, will develop according to the pulse wise pattern of Seven DAYS and six NIGHTS.

The Galactic Creation Cycle is the Apocalypse

What may be even less commonly realized is that the Galactic Cycle is identical with what in Christian terminology is called the Apocalypse, the Revelation taking place in the completing phase of Creation. That indeed the Galactic Cycle is the Apocalypse is clear, not only because of the relatively cryptic mention in the Book of Revelation of the tun (12:6 and 12:14), but above all through the many sequences of Seven that are described in said Book; Seven angels, Seven spirits, Seven trumpets etc. These are the sequences of Seven DAYS that are all at the same time, October 28, 2011, going towards their completion. The main message of the Book of Revelation is Seven, and the Apocalypse is what is happening now. Contrary to popular opinion, the Apocalypse is however not the end of the world, or at least it is not meant to be. The Book of Revelation ends with a world freed of pain and suffering that is the end of the world as we know it.

Judging from Revelation and also from the rapid energy changes of the Galactic creation cycle we have however little reason to expect that things will be quiet and balanced on the global or galactic levels. On the contrary, the rapid rate of change allows us to predict that there will be stormy waves on the sea of creation. The rate of change will be tremendously high and even increase further as we approach the Universal Cycle. The purpose of this book has been to offer you the aid of the tzolkin in navigating these waters, an aid in aligning your intuition with the cosmic plan and fulfilling your own particular purpose in this. I feel that as long as we do what we are meant to do, we will essentially be happy.

The Elevation of the Human Consciousness by
the Galactic Creation Cycle generates potential Conflicts,
The Case of the Middle East

What does it mean that we are now gaining a galactic consciousness? Partly, it means that our world is beginning to be expanded in a more real. In 1999, the first DAY of the Galactic Cycle the existence of extrasolar planets was for instance definitely proved and so our expanding consciousness is leading us to widen our horizons. This also means increasing our ability to see things from a higher perspective. ”Does this higher perspective lead to peace?” we may then ask. In the long run yes, but in the short run it is undetermined. This is because the rapid changes in energies will also lead to turmoil as all change may potentially generate conflicts. It is easy to see how in the past energy changes have often propelled military campaigns (see Chapter 3). Even pulses of new LIGHT may thus generate conflicts and in fact both the Napoleonic Wars and World War I occurred in DAYS during the Planetary Cycle, DAY 2 and DAY 5, respectively. And so the changes propelled by DAYS 2 and 5, approximately the years 2001 and 2007 (see Fig 55), may potentially generate warfare also in the Galactic Cycle.

But will wars break out? At the time of writing, late in the year 2000 an extensive war in the Middle East appears as a real possibility for the year 2001, and of course the analogy with the Napoleonic Wars in the Second DAY of the Planetary Cycle would make such a development even more likely. And if we look upon it from the point of view of Mayan calendrics the Napoleonic Wars (DAY 2, 1794-1814) really meant a push to sweep away the old world of Royal dynasties that Europe had inherited from the lower National Underworld. They thus prepared the ground for a development towards republics and democracy that has become an expression typical of the consciousness of the Planetary Cycle and that we now take for granted. That Napoleon Bonaparte had personal ambitions and took the role of an emperor, an extreme expression of the old order, at the same time as he shook up the old world order only shows how individual choices come in and hybrid forms of existence often manifest as a new frame of consciousness begins to dominate over the previous. The objective function that the Napoleonic Wars had was however to shake-up and forever weaken the old order as DAY 2 of the Planetary Cycle began. Although the reaction of NIGHT 2 (1814-1834) reinstalled many of the dynasties that had ruled Europe previously their power was from this point and onwards step-by-step weakened by the increasing dominance of the new frame of consciousness.

In the Middle East today the situation is somewhat similar in that conflicts have erupted whose origin is very directly part of the old order created by the frame of consciousness generated early in the National Cycle. Clearly many of the attitudes upon which the politics and military conflicts in the area are based are completely outdated. Thus, as the second DAY of the Galactic Cycle, bringing a new higher frame of consciousness, sweeps the world it is very likely that things will happen in such areas where people are dominated by antiquated thinking. It is obvious that the old order of religious conflicts in the Middle East has no future as the new higher frame of consciousness becomes dominant, and so one way or another the conflicts there will have to be resolved. These are conclusions that we may draw from the Mayan calendar and the resolution may largely come in the second DAY of the cycle.

The question is only what this resolution will look like. And here obviously individual choices come in. An enlightened position in this case is that we are all children of the same God and aspects of the same creation process, and that all that differs between human beings is less important. In a sense this conflict is not even a conflict between people or between religions, but a conflict generated by different levels of consciousness that tend to foster different mentalities, which have to be harmoniously resolved. Also elsewhere in the world people will be affected by the new second pulse of Galactic consciousness that will serve a higher perspective, and generally, an evolution towards transcending conflicts inherited from the National Cycle will take place.

But many in the area have come to identify with and base their power on adherence to ancient religious principles and will not like to see that swept away by a new wind of higher consciousness. Thus even though the area will be strongly affected by the new pulse of higher galactic consciousness very likely the outcome will be some hybrid expression of the galactic consciousness. Regardless, step-by-step, conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, will be transcended as the higher level of consciousness become dominating, and from this there will be no turning back. But the critical point for whether this results in violent or non-violent expressions is to what extent people freely and consciously choose to adapt to the emerging frame of consciousness. God only provides us with the possibility of choosing peace. We have to do it ourselves.

The Mayan Calendar is the only Reliable Source of Information about the Changing Energies of the Future

In similar ways, there are tremendous amounts of information to be gained about the future from historical parallels. Look for instance at what NIGHT 5 (1932-1952), ruled by the Lord of Darkness, produced in the Planetary Cycle; the Great Depression, Hitlerism, Stalinism, World War II, Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs we have reasons to consider that NIGHT 5, essentially the year 2008, in the Galactic Cycle may turn out to be a very difficult time. But there is no reason to take only negative examples when it comes to peace and war. Although tense, the katun of Flowering (DAY 6, 1952-1972) of the Planetary Cycle, for instance, saw a protracted development of prosperity and the beginning (1992-1999) of its katun of Fruition (DAY 7) was by far the most peaceful in the history of mankind. Since we are now in the process of developing a higher frame of consciousness where the role of choice and free will become much more important, no such developments are however pre-determined. All we know is that in certain cycles the possibilities for certain types of events will be greater than in other.

Now, if the Mayan calendar cannot be used to predict the course of events exactly ”What good is it then?”, somebody may ask. Well, again, expecting that it could be used to predict things exactly is tantamount to believing that human beings do not have a free will. What the Mayan calendar is useful for is understanding from historical analogies when certain possible courses of action will emerge and when they will not. The Middle East is just an example, also everything else that has been inherited from lower Underworlds and is not consistent with a harmonious unity will be brought to the surface in due time to be resolved in light of the consciousness of the new and higher Underworld. Rightly understood, the Mayan Calendar tells us, and this is very important knowledge, that eventually the highest level of consciousness, the Universal, will come to dominate and that so all conflicts inherited from lower Underworlds will pass away.

Human Consciousness is Expanding to Include the Galaxy

What we also know for certain is that our consciousness will continue to expand and that there will be no returning to a tribal or national life. In fact everything is happening on an increasingly larger scale. Globalization is only the beginning. As we arrive at the Fourth World in the Galactic Cycle (also called the Advent in Fig 55 more in line with Christian terminology) few things will be similar to what they are like today (Galactification will then begin to be a meaningful word). What we also know for certain is that the evolution of the new consciousness we brought about by a wave movement alternating between DAY (external change, creativity) and NIGHT (internal change, rest) although different part of the world will be affected differently because of their locations in relation to the World Tree. With every DAY, the new frame of consciousness will also be strengthened at the expense of the old, but until DAY 7 the results of these pulses will be hybrid expression of the two levels of consciousness. The NIGHTS in between serve essentially for integration of the previous pulse and preparation for the coming, and to disseminate the new phenomena also to areas located outside of the hot spots for change.

The current state of affairs in the Heavens also has repercussion for our lives as individuals. The frequent alternations between day and night in the current Underworld, with its concurrent shifts of Yin/Yang-dualities is behind the fact that few have yet truly attained a harmonious balance in their lives. If we think that we have found such a harmonious inner balance it may easily be swept away by the next Yin/Yang-polarity shift. The alternating Yin/Yang-polarity shifts also often affect our relationships with those around us. And for our inner harmony or relationships with others to be disturbed those that have once started to go with the flow of their spirit and come under the rule of the emerging Galactic Underworld may actually be at a greater risk, at least in its initial phase, than those that never sought to rise above the domination of the lower, denser Underworlds (This is obvious as they do not undergo change with the same frequency).

Creation is Accelerating

But things really could not be otherwise because the high frequency alterations of the Galactic Underworld leaves no stone unturned. What looked like a good idea through the vision generated by resonance with one Yin/Yang-polarity may loose its appeal as a new tun begins. And so long term planning becomes more difficult for everyone. It is not personal. The high frequency of change generated by the Galactic Underworld stirs things up. The only ones that could expect to have found a truly harmonious and stable balance would be those that have already attained a level of consciousness in resonance with the Universal Underworld. This would mean that they have transcended the influence of the shifting Yin/Yang-polarities that dominates everywhere else, and so those individuals probably are not many, although they may well exist.

The question then returns: Will we be able to surf on the waves of creation or will we be drowned by them? Well, what possibilities that manifest and which ones do not depends to a large extent on to what degree we, individually and collectively, have assimilated the Mayan calendar as a guide for our intuition and let it guide our paths of action. What is crucial for the way things go is really to what extent the human beings are prepared and have chosen a path towards Enlightenment. What is crucial is in other words to what extent people are aware of the fact that we are now in a process of climbing to higher levels of consciousness and are willing to prepare ourselves for this. Since we are no longer puppets of the divine process of creation we will not necessarily see wars in those years. But on the other hand not being a puppet also means that for peace to come forth we need freely to choose a path towards Enlightenment.


In the Galactic Cycle the Yin/Yang duality will be reversed compared to what it was like in Fig 26 (see The Mayan Calendar). Thus we may expect that the Galactic Cycle in the Western Hemisphere will generate a fascination with the new technology and the new economy, while much of the focus in the East - Russia, India and China – will be directed towards spiritual enlightenment. The full effects of this are however not likely to be visible until about at the midpoint of the cycle, at the beginning of the Third of the Four Worlds. The timeless Cosmic consciousness generated by the Universal Cycle will bring many to seek to adapt their individual consciousness to this Underworld. In the Eastern traditions adapting our individual consciousness to such a universal frame of mind is referred to as attaining Enlightenment, a state of liberation from domination by lower aspects of self. At least one spiritual teacher in India, Khalki, in fact adheres to the idea that the Mayan calendar provides the time frame for the Enlightenment of humanity. Through such a view East and West meet in a common understanding of the nature and purpose of human life.

And of course, although it may be intellectually stimulating to study events on earth in the light of the Mayan calendar, its importance really lies in making us realize that the plan for the evolution of the universe is one for the transformation of the human beings into enlightened beings and that we are aspects of the divine coming into existence. With every step upward on the cosmic pyramid we are becoming truer images of God, which seems to be the purpose of this creation. Whether creation is about human beings becoming more God-like or God manifesting as human beings is really more of a semantic question.

An aspect of the Enlightened state is the experience of unity with All That Is, with all things living and that there is no separation. It is exactly in this direction creation will be going as we attain the universal frame of consciousness at the highest level of the cosmic pyramid, where none of the divine light is blocked by darkening filters. But Enlightenment does not happen in a vacuum. Since consciousness is linked to the ruling Underworld true Enlightenment may not yet have been attained on this planet. Every level of consciousness, corresponding to the Nine Underworlds, develops its own expressions of the human being, abilities belonging to each and every one of them, an intuition associated with each and every one of them and so also an Enlightened state as a possibility in each and every one of them. The state of Enlightenment possible at the Ninth and Cosmic level will be different since at this level everyone will share it and there will be no possible reversal. There will be no more reincarnation, no more lessons to learn and no desire to engage in the existence of lower levels of self.

As mentioned earlier, all the levels of consciousness corresponding to the Nine Underworlds are also expressed in distinct ways through our bodies and in our individual beings. The cells were created at the lowest Underworld, the mammalian brain at the next and so forth until more spiritual levels are created by higher Underworlds. There may also for instance be correspondences between the emergence of different chakras and the different Underworlds. As a human being enters a new Underworld she is transformed by this on all levels, aspects of existence that did not exist previously are introduced and so lower levels of our consciousness have to be transformed into a new whole for a harmonious functioning of the whole. The higher, more conscious, levels then transform the lower levels and, sometimes after a conscious choice, those are adapted to the new state of being.

So in the Eastern spiritual practices aimed at attaining an Enlightened state of being the transformation of lower levels of self are often emphasized. The process of attaining Enlightenment is often directed towards subordinating the lower material levels of self to the higher levels of consciousness and to bring to the individual a realization that she or he is fundamentally spirit, consciousness, a spirit that may be liberated from the serfdom of the material existence. Such lower levels of our selves then are all those aspects of our beings that have been created by more limited frames of consciousness than the Universal, and the process of attaining Enlightenment by an individual is really nothing but a reflection of the same process going on on a larger scale in the entire cosmos; As above, So below. But there is a certain dialectic necessary here. Enlightenment does not happen by itself, except for maybe temporary flashes of the state, and so human beings really have to make a conscious choice for the purpose of the universe to be manifested. The Universe can not be Enlightened without Enlightened human beings and the human beings can only be Enlightened as a result of a free choice. Some will begin on this path before the others, but since this can only be a matter of free choice the number of people that will follow remains to be seen.

To focus on possible catastrophes and earth changes or the sometimes threatening language of the Book of Revelation may serve little good. Yet, the idea that it may serve our survival to attain an Enlightened state seems only logical as a path to adapt through conscious work to the higher levels of consciousness. Of course, fear or self-interest may not be valid motives for taking a path towards the top of the Mountain of Enlightenment, but in the larger picture there is a logic to this that we should not ignore. The Heavens ruling in the cosmos must be reflected in the levels of consciousness of the human individuals.

The basic idea of attaining Enlightenment is to escape the domination of lower levels of consciousness and so to attain a state of oneness with All That Is, in fact a divine state. This also implies the oneness with each and every one of the manifestations of creation - the In Lak’ech philosophy. While there are spiritual practices that may lead to this, developed especially in India, and that I know little of, there are certain things that may be added to a broader understanding based on Mayan calendrics. In a path of elevating your consciousness to higher states it may for instance be a good idea always to keep an eye at what level of consciousness, in what Underworld, that different human habits of action and thought have originated.

The Mayan Heavens and Underworlds
shape The Human Vision of the Divine

To take an example of this: The major religions of mankind were generated by the frame of consciousness and mentalities generated by the National Cycle, or the Sixth Underworld, and their patriarchal nature was a direct consequence of the field of consciousness that ruled this (see Fig 26a). It would then seem that a strict adherence to organized ritualized expressions of such religions also means being stuck in a lower Underworld, something which in fact will remain a block towards attaining the Enlightened state corresponding to the Ninth, or Universal, level of consciousness. This is not to imply that if you are a Catholic, Muslim, Jew or whatever else you cannot be Enlightened. It only means that if this religious affiliation keeps you stuck at a limiting Great Cycle level of consciousness where members of other religions are not also recognized as aspects of the divine in becoming, and children of the same God, then you are in fact not Enlightened.

Such arguments do not only apply to thoughts and actions linked to different religions, but for the attainment of an enlightened state it will serve us always to keep a keen eye in what Underworld our life habits originate and consider transforming everything that has an origin at lower, frames of consciousness of higher density. Transforming is however not eradicating. Higher levels of consciousness are built on the foundations of the lower levels of the cosmic pyramid and not by destroying them. Thus for instance the currently evolving Galactic frame of consciousness is not meant to sweep the notion of nationhood away just because this originates at a lower level. It only means that the meaning of national belonging will need to be transformed and relegated to a subordinated rule in pace with the emergence of the new and higher frame of consciousness.

Incidentally, climbing the cosmic pyramid is not only about transcending the type of consciousness that has generated the many religious wars, that is to say the National produced by the Great Cycle. At the present time it is also about transcending many of the supposedly spiritual expressions that were generated by the Planetary Cycle. While maybe entertaining, much of the UFO’s, Babylonian astrology, esoteric history unrelated to the real world, channeled information, Lemurians, etc of the New Age movement, have been generated by the sensationalism of the Planetary level of consciousness, and is simply not true. It seems that in the Planetary Underworld spirituality had to be presented in a sensational way to have an appeal in the general materialism that then ruled and in order to distinguish itself from the historical religions. It almost seems as if with the glasses we were endowed with by the Planetary Underworld made us see ordinary reality as not spiritual and so all kinds of outrageous things were needed for people to ”believe”.

With the glasses of the Galactic Underworld on the other hand we may now be beginning to see that all of reality is spiritual. Even those things, such as machines and technical inventions, that have seemed the most alien to a sacred apprehension of reality may in fact now be seen to have been created through the workings of a cosmic plan that has gradually allowed human beings to develop such means. What would happen if we would begin to look upon technology also as sacred, rather than as at the present time an enemy of the nature we regard as sacred? Maybe this would be necessary for the two to finally find a harmonious co-existence. There is a tendency among some to regard the human being, and all she has created, as ”what went wrong in this creation”, but then, with such an attitude, how could we ever see ourselves as images of God in becoming, which is necessary for us to approach the enlightened state. Maybe in fact there is nothing wrong with the human being or what she has created. She is always in a way commensurate with the level of consciousness the cosmos has endowed her with.

Seeking the Truth and Practicing Kindness

Another step on the path towards Enlightenment is to transcend the fragmented state of the science originating from the Planetary Underworld, which, while factually generally correct, has failed to provide a worldview that is whole. This is mainly because of its refusal to recognize the existence of an invisible, Intelligent Power behind the manifest reality.

Truth is thus an important aspect of Enlightenment. Dissemination of the Mayan calendar facilitates the Enlightenment of the world since it in fact is a tool to prove the existence of God, a higher purpose of human life and the unity of all mankind. Truth is not based on feelings or fantasies, but one empirical fact. It is either universal or does not exist at all. The importance of the Mayan Calendar thus probably is not primarily in its individual use but in its potential for creating the intellectual understanding that all things are one, that we are all aspects of divine creation. And so Truth serves the Enlightenment of humanity.

So life seems to be about evolving as aspects of God in becoming, of attaining an Enlightened state in His/Her image. But it must then also be about working towards creating the conditions for this at our current stage of evolution and serving the harmonious evolution of humanity at large. To help humanity at large to attain a Universal frame of consciousness is why we, may have an individual path of action that we are committed to or have chosen. To indefinitely meditate on a mountaintop in the Himalayas, in contrast, would not seem to be to practice the In Lak’ech-philosophy since it is of no service to the rest of the world. (I can not tell, but maybe it is not enlightened either, since it seems more like a detachment than a unity with All That Is). Rightly understood I feel there is a certain dialectic to the process of attaining Enlightenment, where the evolution of the individual towards a higher state of awareness and a higher perspective on the human existence fosters a path of action in service, and vice versa. Rightly understood one serves the other.

Many people wonder what their purpose, in the sense of their path of action, is. And certainly there have been individuals in the history of mankind whose lives have revolved around accomplishing certain things, Buddha or Pasteur or any other who came here to do something, to accomplish a certain task of a lifetime. But at the present state of human evolution it is really questionable how many have these types of pre-determined paths of action. A fundamental reason is that we are entering a frame of consciousness where the role of free will is playing a greater role and so we may now be obliged to actually choose our paths of actions. We may then really have to craft our paths of action all by ourselves, and such a path of action in service of the Enlightenment of humanity may have little to do with what are considered as great deeds; curing diseases or the like. It may simply have to do with being kind. Being kind to another person is also taking a step on the Enlightened path and means practicing the In Lak’ech-philosophy. While this may not sound spectacular it is certainly something that takes a lot of spiritual discipline to practice on a consistent basis. Asking the question: ”How would I like to be treated?” may be a simple question to ask. ”What would God do if She/He were me?” is another.

But, as mentioned earlier, the Mayan calendar, and especially the tzolkin may be a useful temporal framework for pursuing projects and a path of action in the dialectic between free will and the cosmic plan of creation. If the attainment of an Enlightened state is the very purpose of human life it and the Mayan Calendar charts the path there then it would only seem natural that the paths that we develop in that directions are developed in phase with the Mayan calendar. This seems logical. But there is even more to the relevance of the tzolkin for an Enlightened path! As we have seen the evolutionary creation cycles are wave movements, where polarity alternates with unity in a process that is basic to all of creation and the cosmic processes leading to higher states of awareness. It then follows that the DAYS are favorable to a path of action and expressing creativity in the external world whereas the NIGHTS may be more favorable to contemplation and inner spiritual evolution. Our brains, in resonance with the cosmic creation cycles, will simply be functioning in different ways in different periods. As we approach the Universal Cycle the energy shifts described by the Mayan calendar will become increasingly more marked and an awareness of this wave movement will become increasingly more important. The Mayan Calendar charts the path for humanity, both individually and collectively, towards Enlightenment!

Everything that serves an experience of unity with All That Is, whether it is speaking the Truth, liberating yourself from lower levels of existence, committing to your purpose of life in a path of action or practicing kindness will serve the path towards Enlightenment. Global meditations may on a collective scale also serve the unity of mankind. And in this Mayan Calendrics points to a certain event heralding the return of a higher frame of consciousness.

The Return of Christ Consicousness,
Quetzalcoatl and the Venus Passages

An important theme of the Book of Revelation is the return of Christ, but if Christ and Quetzalcoatl are the same when will ”he” return and what will this return mean? From the perspective developed here it seems that we are talking first and foremost about the return of a certain consciousness, the consciousness that is developed by the Galactic Underworld, and more specifically about the LIGHT aspect of this consciousness. The energy of this LIGHT may be referred to either as Christ consciousness or Quetzalcoatl depending on the tradition we belong to. In this view the return of Christ is not a matter of a single individual coming down to us to put everything in order. Rather it is about a new level of consciousness incarnating, or being developed, in many of us who choose to fulfill our destinies as aspects of the divine. The return of Quetzalcoatl and of Christ consciousness is something that will take place in some of us who choose to have this consciousness reincarnate in ourselves (This does not mean that some of us are divine and others not, only that everyone will not necessarily take a path of seeking to realize his divine nature).

What then is the role of Venus in the return of Christ consciousness/Quetzalcoatl? Venus was the planet of greatest interest to the Maya. The Maya very closely studied its phases and knew that five synodical Venus cycles of 584 days equal eight years on earth (minus two days). In various ways they sought to understand how the movement of Venus was linked to the tzolkin, and in the Dresden Codex, the finest of the Mayan Codices, the Venus Tables play a prominent role. Much of the Mayan interest in Venus depended on the fact that its phases were seen as symbolic of the processes of death and rebirth, and so linked to Quetzalcoatl. Hence it was thought that in the eight days between the disappearance of Venus as the Evening star and its emergence as a Morning star when it conjuncts the sun, Quetzalcoatl would return to the Underworld.

But it is only at a certain kind of conjunction that Venus actually intersects the disc of the sun, although such an "eclipse" is hardly visible to the naked eye. Such an "eclipse" of the sun, lasting for about seven hours, is called a Venus passage, or Venus transit, and is an occasion where Venus may serve as the best of all possible Cosmic Mirrors. Such Venus passages occur pair wise separated by eight years and the most recent pairs of Venus passages appeared in the years 1761/1769 (Fig 57) and 1874/1882. As all of creation is now going towards its completion, a pair of Venus passages will appear on the days June 8, 2004 and June 6, 2012 (Greenwich Mean Time).

That Venus is the sister planet of Earth and a manifestation of Quetzalcoatl means that the Venus passage of June 8, 2004 is designed as a perfect Cosmic Mirror to prepare us for the spiritual reality that is in the process of manifesting, by joining in meditation on this day. The really important facet of this occasion is that it will be perfectly scheduled to celebrate the midpoint of the third NIGHT of the Galactic Cycle, a time when a new Cross, the World Tree, will again be present to our inner vision.

Integrating the World Tree

One possible technique of receiving one’s inner World Tree for guidance in the times to come is through a Gaia meditation. What this means is that you imagine your own head inside of, or actually becoming, the earth. In such a meditation you may imagine positioning your eyes at the Hawaiian Islands so that your left brain half corresponds to the Western Hemisphere and the right brain half to the Eastern. In this way you will be fully exposed to the global creation field organized by the New World Tree and remain in resonance with it.

This could also be taken one step further by visualizing your head surrounded by the galaxy with its midplane separating your two brain halves, meaning that the World Tree will be recreated on your forehead at the location of the third eye. At this occasion we may then in a meditative state of awareness focus intensely on the passage of Venus across the disc of the sun, while letting go of attempts to directly see the True Cross. If we identify strongly with planet earth and the galaxy and through meditation receive this new Heaven (while still focusing on the passage of our sister planet across the disc of the sun) we will receive the imprint of the Cross, whether we can see this directly or not.

The Mayan Calendar will replace Babylonian Astrology

The meditation at this Venus Passage is not about ”astrology.” It is not about expecting that Venus will then cause something to happen on earth. Rather it is about the cosmos offering an opportunity, a unique mirror for us to use at a super synchronistic moment in time. The Venus passage is an opportunity that means nothing unless it is taken. Thus, at this particular half-tun shift, when the Cross will favorably begin to tip over the balance against the materialist consciousness of the Planetary Underworld, we will receive some extra, remarkably timed, help from the Cosmos to create resonance with the new Heaven.

The return of Quetzalcoatl thus also means a return of the Mayan calendar, the most exact and advanced expression of the cosmology of Native America. The conditions may thus now be at hand for a revival and a return of the ancient tradition of the Sacred Calendar, a tradition that is becoming increasingly important for humanity. And maybe so, a part will be recreated that can make the global culture whole. Certainly in this many people from across the world, regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality, will be participating by being incarnations of the LIGHT of Christ and Quetzalcoatl and expressing this Enlightenment through their actions. The Maya wisdom and the tzolkin will come to be embraced by people all over the world that desire the means to live in harmony with divine creation. The returning Cross, The World Tree, will not be linked to religious rigidity or set rules. Instead it is an opening to freedom of expression, of serving creation based on one’s own guidance and the recognition that all human beings carry pieces of the truth and that the truth cannot be monopolized by any one of us.

The Universal Creation Cycle

"Then I saw a great white throne and Him who was seated on it..."

Revelation 20:11

The number Nine plays an important role in the spiritual lore of many traditions, and it seems that in both the Buddhist and the Nordic traditions the Ninth World is something special. Also there were Nine doors to the holiest part of the temple in Jerusalem and we have already seen the importance of this number to the Maya. So there are strong reasons to believe that the Ninth Underworld of the Cosmos, the Universal Cycle, is different from all the others. At the end - or rather at the top - of this Underworld there will be an Ascension to Heaven, or, really, the descent of Heaven to earth. Only as we draw to the close of the Universal Cycle, will we gain a true picture of Creation and thus from this maybe understand more of who God really is. We will definitely pass from a state of believing to one of knowing. Our current views will then likely be seen as fathoming in the dark.

As we are endowed not only with a Galactic, but also with a non-dualist Universal, frame of consciousness, these will make it possible for us to see the events of the past from a higher perspective than previously. Surely the perspective from the Universal Underworld will allow for true forgiveness, what the Book of Revelation refers to in its verse 21:4: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.” From the perspective of the Universal Underworld the former things will have passed away. All the conflicts of humanity belonging to lower levels of consciousness will by 2011 have been resolved, because then there is no support in the Heavens for anything but the unity of all mankind, a unity with All That Is. The old order will no longer be real.

The End to Death

Both Mayan and Christian sources talk about an end to death at the end of time. Eastern traditions talk about the Enlightened state as deathless. What this means may be beyond our comprehension today, but the ancient traditions are all pointing in the same direction: a time-less Enlightened cosmic consciousness.

We may rightly ask who needs a calendar in such a state and rightly so the Mayan Calendar then comes to an end. All of Creation will be completed with the Universal Cycle in the year 2011 when all Underworlds will have attained the tzolkin energy of 13 Ahau. Reaching this day-sign no filters will be blocking our vision of divine LIGHT or communication with the divine. No longer will the human being be puppets of the cycles of creation. We will then come to live in the New Jerusalem, the Tent of God, having reached Enlightenment after completing the 108 movements of Shiva and climbed the Nine Underworlds. The True Life will begin.